The hospitality learning platform, for happier teams.

We help make your people compliant in a couple of hours (not days). Setting up amazing first learning experiences, whilst saving you a lot of time and money. Then we help you to create, bank and share your own amazing learning content. 

Take a look at our overview to see how it works:

“The set up and integration couldn’t have been easier. We are excited now to get our people learning & sharing what they do so well.”

Preeya - Grind

At last, a better way to induct, train, and make your people compliant.

Our FREE video and quiz based courses enable your people to learn new things better and faster. Like our compliance training, which is more relatable, easy to understand, with multiple languages to help support everyone. 

You can choose from over 100 hospitality videos. All set up and delivered in structured learning courses. With simple yet powerful reporting tools to give you peace of mind. 

Course's include: Food Safety Levels 1&2, Health & Safety Levels 1&2, First Aid, GDPR, Responsible Alcohol Sales, Drug Awareness, Coffee, Wellness, Risk Assessments and more...

“Video is 9x more likely to be remembered than reading”.           Forrester

Compliance video trailer

“SIDEWAYS compliance training has made a massive difference in what’s being learned, and less accidents. 90% of our bakeries are now 5*.”

Dawn - Paul

We want to help. Thats why our pricing is up to 50% more affordable than our rivals. So please stop paying too much for average systems and read only content.

Compare us to what you're paying now for manuals, trainers, or other uninspiring learning management systems.

*The prices below include all your compliance training courses, plus you get all the other platform features, benefits and support! 

0-25 people
£1000.00/ year
up to 100 people
£2500.00 / year
up to 250 people
£5000.00 / year
up to 750 people
£7500.00 / year

Got a bigger crew? No worries we’ve got you covered just get in touch below.

On top of the great pricing, you get free platform setup,  plus we can connect with this lovely lot, or most modern payroll platforms. Integration costs are minimal and range from £250.00-£1000.00 depending on complexity. 

“We wanted something different, but we didn’t expect to get it at such a great price. Saving us 70% of what the others wanted us to pay.”

Roberto - Bleecker Burger

Seen enough, want to get started?

We don't go away, we help you get the most out of the platform (for free), from day one. Oh, and we don't charge you more to add your own content.

Once the platform has landed and your'e people are compliant. We can help you with all your other content needs. We can show you how to bank all your learning content (in any media formats). We have video based content and course's designed to get you started with your own videos. So you can crack on with things like: menu, service, SOP'S, systems, and more.  

Your'e amazing people are your biggest asset, we will show you how to film them in action, to deliver better knowledge. 

Ultimately increasing consistency, productivity and profitability.

We do all of this via a mixture of in person, online tutorials, and via courses in the platform. 

Ask us for more info.  

All of our free training and support is delivered in workshops, videos, and courses.

“Sideways helped us to do our own pizza, drinks and service videos in a couple of weeks. The platform makes it like being everywhere at once.”

Tristan - Dough&co

Read more into
how it all works.

Who we 
are for

Operator’s that want:

One place for all their knowledge.

Where anyone can upload content, share what they know, and help others.

Enabling people to find what they need, or ask others for it.

Building a more human, inclusive, and continuous way of learning.

What we
want to do

Help any sized hospitality business, and their people grow.

By providing the best platform, content, pricing, and support.

Help you to build strong teams of knowledge-sharing experts.

Solving problems, sharing ideas, and improving productivity, and consistency.

Our unique features.

Bank - all your content in one place.

Search - for spontaneous learning needs.

Views - know what your people know.

Ask - for what you need to learn.

Courses - help nurture and grow your people.

Playlist - learn at your own pace.

Events - invite, train and record training, where ever you want.

Sideways - people helping people to learn.

Interests - learn what you like, how you like.

Reports - who knows what, and when.

Profiles - where and who are our experts.

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Help one,
Help many

This is our mantra that we try to live by daily. By sharing what we know, asking for help, or solving a problem, we don’t just help ourselves, we help everybody. We will be adding a global sharing feature to SIDEWAYS to facilitate this soon.

Make Others Better Podcast

Our hospitality podcast with Michael Tingsager and John Mason talking to inspirational people sharing knowledge centred around making us all a wee bit better.

1% for charity.

We are committed to giving 1% of our turnover, and 10% of our time to charities that help the planet, people, or learning.

Now it's your turn, we want to share the love wider. 

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